Aluminum Fuel Bowls

In racing, every pound counts, and the aluminum fuel bowls from Quick Fuel Technology save a 1/2 pound over traditional zinc units. Marine-grade aluminum construction resists corrosion, the bright tumbled finish and clear chromate coating add flash and protection to your fuel system.

Our aluminum fuel bowls feature several high performance innovations, including repositioned fuel bowl screws for 40% more thread engagement and internal baffles that stabilize the float level. Most models feature dual sight glass windows which help facilitate setting the fuel level. Each bowl is equipped with dual fuel inlets and includes an inlet fitting and fuel inlet plug (standard on most QFT carburetors). We also offer several retrofit kits that include primary and secondary float bowls for mechanical secondary Holley® and QFT carburetors. QFT fuel bowls have multiple patents and accept all conventional service and replacement components.