P-Series Carburetor 1050CFM 3CIR CT Annular

1050 CFM

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P-Series Carburetor 1050CFM 3CIR CT Annular

P-Series Carburetor 1050CFM Annular Boosters -3 Circuit - Circle Track dedicated carburetor. This is the pinnacle of circle track carburetor technology. Billet metering blocks, Super Duty™ throttle body and fuel bowls. This carburetor will help you get the most out of you high-rpm combination

~ Screw-In restrictions throughout

~ 5-stage emulsion 3-Circuit metering blocks with tuneable intermediate

~ Light-weight aluminum construction

~ O-Ring AN Fuel Inlets

~ Slabbed and sealed Teflon coated throttle shafts

~ Wedge floats for consistent fuel level control  

Part#: P-1050-3ANCT

Price: $1,179.62