Q- Series 750cfm Blow Thru E85

Drag Race/Street

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Q- Series 750cfm Blow Thru E85

Q Series Carburetor for E-85 Fuel blow through applications - Built for the ultimate blend in performance and drive-ability. This carburetor features jet extensions and a notched float with all the tuning you features you would expect from a carburetor that's ready to race. Street duty is no sweat for the Q-Series with it's built in tuning features and 4-corner idle.

~ Specifically engineered for the use of E85 pump fuel, this carburetors has all of the calibration and required components to use E85 fuel with a blow through supercharger right out of the box. 

~ Aluminum main body with E85 specific annular biller booster inserts,

~ Aluminum fuel bowls with QuickSet sight windows on both sides make for easy float adjustment

~ Billet metering blocks and throttle body ensure leak and porosity-free sealing between circuits with unmatched adjustability.

~ Each carburetor is hand-assembled and engine tested in the USA!

(carburetor pictured features standard downleg boosters found on the naturally aspirated version of the Q-750-E85)

Part#: Q-750-E85BAN

Price: $916.83