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BOWLING GREEN, KY – Quick Fuel Technology’s (QFT) Dual Pattern Throttle Bodies allow your carburetor to mount on both a standard 4150 or a large 4500-pattern intake manifold. These solid billet aluminum Dual Pattern Throttle Bodies are CNC machined to exacting tolerances and can be ordered with either 1-11/16-inch (#12-755) or 1-3/4-inch (#12-854) stainless steel throttle plates to best fit your carburetion needs.

QFT hand builds its Dual Pattern Throttle Bodies "slabbed" throttle shafts (machined away for more flow) and Teflon® ribbon bearings for durability and superior sealing. The throttle plates are secured with low profile Torx® plate screws to help reduce air turbulence. These throttle bodies feature a unique adjustable secondary pump cam bracket that allows for secondary airflow adjustment. The QFT spacer plate (#300-4145-1AL) offers a smooth transition and is required for use on the large flange 4500-style intakes.

Each throttle body comes with an assortment of throttle links to easily change the opening ratio from soft progressive to medium progressive or 1:1. All attaching screws and gaskets are included.

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