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Forced Induction Super Street Caburetor

Forced Induction Super Street Caburetor

BOWLING GREEN, KY - If you are trying to squeeze additional power out of a small displacement or low HP crate motor forced-induction street engine, Quick Fuel Technology has a new carburetor that will deliver the fuel your engine requires. The QFT Super Street Blow-Thru Forced Induction carb is perfect for your supercharged or turbocharged street machine.

QFT engineered most SS-650-BAN carbs without a choke to keep the air passages clear eliminating potential clearance issues with some bonnets. The primary side jetting is calibrated closer to a naturally aspirated engine to provide a cleaner running and more responsive engine during non-boost operation. Just like all of QFT's Super Street carburetors, the power valve channel restrictions are changeable, allowing for fine-tuning with the proper air/fuel monitoring tools. The SS-650-BAN features annular boosters, like those found in larger forced-induction carbs from QFT, which help extend the RPM range of the engine.

The QFT Super Street Blow-Thru Forced Induction carb features a modified throttle body with machined channels that align with grooves in the throttle shafts. These channels provide a path for the built-up fuel to return to the intake manifold when the throttle plates slam shut when lifting off the throttle quickly. Otherwise this fuel build up tends to leak out the end of the throttle shafts.

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