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GO BIG! 1450-CFM QFX Carburetor

GO BIG! 1450-CFM QFX Carburetor

BOWLING GREEN, KY – The biggest thing to hit the NHRA Pro-Stock class in recent history is the Quick Fuel Technology (QFT) 1450-cfm QFX carburetor (#FX-4714). This mega-sized carb is hand-assembled with race engineered and tested components including the new 3-circuit QFT Billet Metering Blocks (#34-77).

The new proprietary QFX lightweight aluminum main body design features a reshaped venturi entrance for consistent and improved airflow, a lengthened venturi section for better throttle response, screw in air bleeds and CNC-Billet aluminum annular boosters. The air bleeds are shielded from the air entering the venturi to nearly eliminate air turbulence allowing for a smoother air stream and better fuel atomization through the carb.

The unique metering blocks are engineered with 5 emulsion channels with screw in restrictions to help optimize the air/fuel ratio in this enormous 1450-cfm carb. Changing these restrictions are as easy as changing jets and offer unsurpassed tuning ability throughout the RPM range. QFT assembles the QFX carbs using its aluminum fuel bowls with dual sight glass windows and inlets. The contoured fuel entrance and internal baffling helps reduce turbulence and fuel aeration.

Every QFX carb comes with non-stick gaskets and 2 additional links to change the opening ratio of the secondaires from soft progressive to medium progressive or 1:1.

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