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Improve Your Fuel Curve With QFX GAS METERING BLOCKS

Improve Your Fuel Curve With QFX GAS METERING BLOCKS

BOWLING GREEN, KY – Quick Fuel Technologies QFX Gas Metering Blocks (#34-77) offer more tuning ability for better performance from idle to 9,000+ RPM. The CNC billet marine-grade aluminum 3-circuit, 5-emulsion design allows for more precise fuel curve tuning where traditional 3 or 4 emulsion channel metering blocks fall short.

Emulsion channels work like the main jets, but control the air provided by the high-speed air bleeds, not fuel. Larger emulsion bleeds can be screwed into the channels to lean out the air/fuel mixture. With 5 emulsion channels, the fuel curve can be dialed in with even greater precision than ever before giving the engine a more consistent air/fuel mixture throughout the entire RPM range.

Quick Fuel Technology pre-calibrates the QFX metering blocks to work for most applications and provides mixture screws, vent whistle and gaskets. Just add jets and install like a standard metering block. By changing the various size emulsion channel jets, tuners can use these QFX metering blocks 5 emulsion channels to fine-tune the fuel curve better than before for any application.

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