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Ready-To-Run 2x4 Blower Carbs

Ready-To-Run 2x4 Blower Carbs

BOWLING GREEN, KY - Quick Fuel Technology's ready-to-run 2x4 Blower Carburetors will deliver the air and fuel your engine needs to make race-winning power. Whether you are driving a custom street rod or a full on racecar, these all aluminum 2x4 blower carbs are the right performance choice.

QFT's 2x4 blower carbs feature shortened throttle levers for clearance. The QFT engineers added an external vacuum reference tube for the power valve to connect to the intake manifold with a hose. This allows the power valve to see only positive pressure at Wide Open Throttle, eliminating the possibility of the power valve closing if the supercharger starts to "out run" the carb.

The 2x4 blower carbs have all the vacuum ports removed to avoid any plugs or hoses blowing off under boost conditions. The specially designed throttle body features built in channels to guide excess fuel from the top of the throttle plates around the throttle shafts and back into the intake manifold. This lessens the possibility of the fuel build up running out the throttle shafts onto the hot intake manifold.

These ready-to-run carburetors are based on the QFT Q-series carburetors and are available in four sizes; 650 (#Q-650-B2), 750 (#Q-750-B2), 850 (#Q-850-B2) and 950 CFM (#Q-950-B2).

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