E-85 Conversion Kit For M4500 HP

Metering Blocks & Plates

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E-85 Conversion Kit For M4500 HP

E-85 Conversion Kit For 4500 HP® style carburetors. Comes with all the parts to rebuild and recalibrate your carburetor for E85 along with detailed instructions.


~ (2) Billet 3-circuit metering blocks w/4 stage emulsion and adjustable restrictions

~ (4) HP® style boosters with CNC aluminum annular inserts that are modified for E85 and anodized

~ (2) replacement Nitrophyl® floats - standard primary and notched secondary - sealed and molded for corrosive fuel

~ Stainless steel squirter screws, accelerator pump diaphragm springs, .130" stainless steel needles & seats, and GFLT 50cc diaphragms

~ An initial calibration of air bleeds and jets

~ Various gaskets, seals, and pins required to complete the conversion.

Part#: 34-45E85

Price: $334.73