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Quick Fuel Injection

Quick Fuel Injection

Upgrading to EFI used to be a complicated and intimidating affair, but not anymore. With Quick Fuel Technology’s self-tuning QFI™ system, anyone can install an EFI in a single afternoon. The heart of the QFI™ system is an innovative throttle-body assembly that bolts on to any 4150-style intake manifold. The unique venturi sleeve with annular discharge booster design provides superior atomization, with the result being faster and more efficient burn, more power, and better response. Since the injectors are integrated directly into the throttle-body, there’s no need to weld up injector bungs onto the intake runners. Entering some basic engine parameters into a hand-held controller establishes a baseline fuel curve, and QFI’s powerful ECU fine-tunes the fuel maps immediately after the engine is started for the first time. Thanks to QFI™, enjoying the drivability, fuel mileage, and cold-start benefits of EFI have never been easier.

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