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Q-Series Carburetor 1050cfm

1050 CFM

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Q-Series Carburetor 1050cfm

Ideally suited for bracket racers and weekend warriors alike, Q-Series carburetors are purpose-built for the dragstrip. To combat the g's experienced during hard launches, Q-Series carbs are equipped with notched floats and secondary jet extensions. The high-flow aluminum main body isn't just lightweight, but it also features recessed air bleed cavities for improved air flow. Die-cast venturi are machined to exacting tolerances for outstanding throttle response. Billet metering blocks ensure a uniform fuel curve, while throttle-bodies enhance durability. For those days when track conditions vary from one pass to the next, QFT's QuickLink system makes adjusting the secondaries easy on models equipped with mechanical secondaries. The Q-Series is our most comprehensive line of carburetors, with applications available for use with gasoline, methanol, and E85 fuels, forced induction, drag race, circle track, and comes in both vacuum and mechanical secondary models.

Product Specs

Throttle Bore Size
Primary Jet
Secondary Jet
Idle Bleed
Inter. Bleed
Hi-Speed Bleed
Pump Nozzle
Power Valve
Needle & Seat
Fuel Type

Part #: Q-1050

Price: $999.95
Sale Price: $899.95

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1 5 out of 5 stars by on February 6th 2016

Q-Series Carburetor 1050cfm

Length of ownership: more than 1 year

Pros: Wow! What a change from the rest! I called Quick Fuel and gave them my fresh engine specs (496 Olds). A week later a Q Series 1050 CFM arrived at my door, prepped and ready to bolt down. to go. Fired her up for the first time on the dyno. The motor ran beautifully. I changed out the jets to see if I could get a better pull. Tried either way, but both runs were a bit off the first. Yes, Quick Fuel managed to get it right right out of the box!! No constant jet management and fine tuning. It's almost like FI. A couple of years later, no adjustments, just one happy motor!

Cons: Can't think of any.

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