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QFX Series Carburetor 1250cfm Black Diamond

1250 CFM

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QFX Series Carburetor 1250cfm Black Diamond

Serious drag racing demand a serious drag racing carburetor, and the QFX-Series stands as the flagship model in QFT's lineup. Raised air horns improve entry angle into the venturi while ensuring undisrupted flow over the air bleeds. Annular boosters with CNC-machined billet aluminum inserts provide increased air flow, a stronger signal, and less turbulence. QFX carbs offer unparalleled fuel atomization with annular boosters specific for either gas, methanol, or E85 fuels. Five-emulsion billet metering blocks and four-corner idle circuits offer flexible tunability that today's high-horsepower engines demand. To cover a broad range of applications, methanol- and E85-compatible models, as well as two- and three-circuit fuel systems, are available. Ready to run out of the box, the QFX-Series carburetor will help you get to the winner's circle.

Even a carburetor that performs great can still be an eyesore, but it doesn't have to be that way. Quick Fuel Technology's proprietary Black Diamond® coating offers excellent corrosion resistance as well as a durable finish that easily stands up to dirt and oil. In addition to great looks, the PTFE coating reduces fuel temperature by six percent for improved performance.

Product Specs

Throttle Bore Size
Primary Jet
Secondary Jet
Idle Bleed
Inter. Bleed
Hi-Speed Bleed
Pump Nozzle
Power Valve
Needle & Seat
Fuel Type

Part #: BFX-4712

Price: $1,476.95
Sale Price: $1,328.95

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