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Forced Induction

Blow-Thru - Designed For Turbo & Supercharged Pressurized Applications

Bolting on a centrifugal supercharger or a turbocharger is easier than ever, but what if spending several thousands of dollars converting to EFI isn’t in the budget? QFT™ has come up with the perfect solution by adapting our popular SS- and Q-Series carbs specifically for blow-thru forced induction applications. While the secondaries are jetted for maximum power, the primary side jetting is calibrated similar to a naturally aspirated engine to improve responsiveness off boost. Annular boosters extend the rpm range, and the choke has been removed to improve clearance when used with aftermarket carb hats. To prevent pressurized fuel from leaking past the throttle-shafts when the throttle shuts abruptly, channels machined into the throttle body direct fuel back into the intake manifold. Q-Series forced induction carbs are available in five different sizes ranging from 650-1,050 cfm. Also available is our SS-Series blow-through carburetor which is available in 650 cfm size.

Draw-Thru - For Roots- & Screw-Type Draw-Through Superchargers

There are several “tricks” to setting up carburetors for draw-through superchargers such as the roots and screw-type compressors. Carburetor configuration will depend upon whether it is a single or dual carb setup, and if the carbs face front-to-rear or are mounted sideways on the supercharger. QFT has figured this all out for you and offers carbs for 2x4 and single carb setups.