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QFT: Fueling Champions - Don O'Neal

QFT: Fueling Champions - Don O'Neal

QFT: Fueling Champions - Don O'Neal
By Jimbob Baird

Don O’Neal has followed in his father’s footsteps as both a military man and a racer. After serving our country for 23 years, first as an aviation mechanic and later on as a health care recruiter, Don now works for where he pursues his passion for fast drag cars and is dedicated to serving the needs of his customers.

Don has moved around the mid-west including Ohio, North Carolina and now Indiana. His dedicated race crew includes his wife Diane and four daughters between them (Logan, Alix, Emily and Claire). They also have a pair of Pug team mascots named Snacks and Penelope.

More fatherly influence can be seen in Don’s attraction to Top Sportsman-style drag cars. He has raced Top Dragsters from 1995 to 2004 and a variety of other cars, but always returns to door cars reminiscent of his dad’s all-steel ’55 Chevy they built back in the ‘80s.

Don’s current ride is a highly modified 1999 Monte Carlo powered by a 632 BBC producing more than 1800hp. It was built by and Oakely Competition. It features 3 stages of nitrous and is fed by a QFT 427 electric fuel pump with fuel pressures regulated by QFT billet regulators. The QFT carburetor is a Black Diamond® QFX that received a custom build treatment at Quick Fuel.

Don O’Neal is a lucky guy – every day he gets to do what he loves at his job, and on the weekends he gets to race with his family’s help and encouragement. He states it perfectly when he says "The energy and excitement in racing along with the challenge is what I love about the Sport".