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Quick Fuel Technology Introduces M-Series Marine Carburetors

Quick Fuel Technology Introduces M-Series Marine Carburetors

BOWLING GREEN, KY - Quick Fuel Technology (QFT™), makers of high performance and racing carburetors, has just introduced a line of carburetors specifically engineered for the marine market. M-Series marine carburetors are available in six different models from 650-1050 CFM to fit most popular marine applications.

The M-Series was developed from scratch with billet-style throttle bodies and metering blocks for exceptional strength and precise fuel delivery. Interchangeable air bleeds and restrictions allow for fine-tuning, while Teflon™ coated throttle shafts with Teflon™ bearings ensure smooth throttle response. Due to marine engine's harsh environment, QFT™ applies a protective coating to the main carb body and fuel bowls to prevent corrosion.

M-Series carburetors are available in both 4150 and 4500-style flange configurations. All models use mechanically-operated secondaries with QuickLink™ - QFT's adjustable secondary linkage for fast and easy changes in throttle opening rates. Additional features common to all M-Series carbs are fuel bowls with integral sight glass windows for easy float adjustment, and marine "J-style" vent tubes to prevent fuel spillage and direct fumes back into the carburetor for safer operation. M-Series 650-850 CFM models have fully adjustable electric chokes.

QFT™ offers a couple of special M-Series carbs such as an 850 CFM model calibrated for Roots-style 2 x4 supercharged engines and a huge 1050 CFM, 2-circuit QFX model for large displacement engines found in off-shore race and poker run boats. Like all QFT™ carburetors, each one is hand assembled and run-tested on a real engine.

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