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Quick Fuel Technology Launches New "Slayer Series" 600 & 750cfm Street Carbs

Quick Fuel Technology Launches New "Slayer Series" 600 & 750cfm Street Carbs

BOWLING GREEN, KY - Just because the economy has hit a rough patch doesn't mean you should give up on your performance dream or resort to some second-hand carburetor you know nothing about. Quick Fuel Technology (QFT) has engineered its new Slayer™ series of 600 and 750cfm vacuum secondary street carbs with all the features you want and need for just $299 Racer Net! The Slayer™ is not some stripped-down off-shore QFT copy, it features the same QFT race engineering, all-aluminum construction and hand-built quality that goes into all QFT race-winning carburetors.

The Slayer's incredible value is made possible by QFT's new CNC machining centers and the unique design that utilizes a secondary metering plate with changeable jets, eliminating the costly secondary metering block unneeded for most street/strip cars. The majority of fine tuning on a street carburetor is done on the primary side, and the Slayer™ provides all of the popular options: changeable idle air and high-speed air bleeds, 3-stage emulsion circuits, changeable primary idle feed restrictions and power valve restrictions. A real welcomed feature is the QFT QuickSet adjustment on the vacuum secondary diaphragm that provides a quick external twist adjustment without changing springs. Secondary metering can be altered with changeable main jets and the secondary float is also notched for jet extensions.

Additional features are a fully adjustable electric choke, and a show winning polished finish that will improve any engine compartment. The Slayer™ 600cfm (Part # SL-600-VS) has a 1-9/16" throttle bore and 1.312" venturi, and the Slayer™ 750cfm (Part # SL-750-VS) features a 1-11/16" throttle bore and a 1.375" venturi.

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