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Adjustable Vacuum Secondaries

Adjustable Vacuum Secondaries

There are a couple of drawbacks to factory-style vacuum-controlled secondaries: no adjustability and changing springs can lead to seal failures. Changing the secondary diaphragm can result in a torn or leaking seal.

The Quick Set Adjustable Secondary Housing features a specialized cover with an easy-access adjustment screw. This simple adjustment allows for a precise secondary opening for optimum secondary throttle response and performance on the track, trail or street.

The adjustment needle changes not only the opening point (RPM) but also the rate (time to open) of the secondary. This is a great way to dial in optimum power at specific rpm ranges and is especially useful in racing situations where traction may be compromised and secondary timing is crucial.

Gone are the days of tearing diaphragms and fumbling with springs assortments - simply grab your standard screwdriver and dial it in!