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Carb Class: Emulsion Channels

Carb Class: Emulsion Channels

Emulsion channels are what some would call the black magic of a carburetor - what happens here can be explained several ways. The simplest illustration would be to imagine the fuel curve being moved up or down by the size of the main jet and then the tilt or angle of the fuel curve being moved by the emulsion package. Many things go into tuning the emulsion of a carburetor which include the high speed air bleed (which supplies air to the emulsion orifices), the emulsion orifice size, amount of orifices, and even the float level.

The hole size of each orifice is very critical in that the size of the hole will ultimately determine how much air is to enter the main well - larger holes will yield leaner numbers. Going too far from a normal setting could cause you to adjust your jet size in order to maintain the cars behavior - be sure to document or graph your adjustments and always note your baseline.

Our carburetors and block kits offer a wide range of adjustability to help you reach results. Pre-drilled and blank restrictions are available for tuning.

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